My child is a sophomore and I had begun to experience episodes of sleeplessness with my mind racing – consumed with the unknown of the entire college process.  Now the process is clear.  I am comfortable, no longer in a panic, and my mind is more at ease.           parent participant at conclusion of College Unraveled

College Unraveled was developed by Gail Grand, Director of The College Advisor, Inc, in response to the anxiety about the college admissions process that she observed over a career of more than twenty-two years of college counseling.  Talks with parents of college-bound high school students showed clearly that their unease stemmed from their lack of understanding and control over the process.  College Unraveled was specifically  created to provide parents with reliable information that they could use to guide their children throughout high school and as they began to consider their college options.

College Unraveled workshops provide an up-to-date and in-depth overview of today’s college search and application process. The workshops focus on options in post-secondary education, how to find colleges that fit, how to apply, and how families can find help in affording the high cost of education.

In addition to her independent educational consulting practice, Mrs. Grand also publishes the College Advisor Newsletter, used by educational consultants in 27 states.  She is also the founder of www.EnrichmentAlley.com, a free searchable database of summer, school year, and gap year enrichment programs.

This was an excellent way for a first-time parent of a college-bound child to learn what needs to be done and when.  This course has helped launch our whole family into discussions on college that we would not have had.  Thank you very much!    10th grade parent participant