As a parent of a sophomore son, I found the presentation invaluable and would definitely recommend every parent attend a workshop such as this to become better informed.         Lisa Magorian, Assistant Principal, Chaminade College Prep

  • Become the go-to resource for college advice in your region by presenting College Unraveled workshops.  This complete workshop presentation system provides you with a time and cost effective way of reaching the parents of  9th through 11th grade students who live in your practice area.
  • Developed by Gail Grand (IECA member with over 22 years of college counseling experience) College Unraveled consists of four Powerpoint presentations, a full set of presenter notes, additional handouts, a printed parent manual ready for duplication, and a set of marketing ideas and materials, all branded with your company logo. Each hour and a half-long presentation focuses on a different aspect of the college process,.  Your own expertise, experiences, and anecdotes bring the Powerpoints to life.
  • Parents pay a fee for all four workshops given over the course of four weeks, so even with small numbers of participants, you will be well-compensated for your time.  Unlike stand-alone presentations at which you feel obligated to sell your services while providing minimal information, this series of workshops allows you to offer a valuable service, provides you with time to build rapport with participating parents, and to establish yourself as the educational consultant they can trust.
  • To maintain the integrity and reputation of College Unraveled workshops, only IECA members will be permitted to license these presentations.  Although valued at $1000, we are offering IECA consultants a one-year license to test-drive the series for $500.  This fee includes everything you need to present and market your first series.  Multi-consultant practices may license additional consultants at $100/per licensee.  Your license allows you to offer an unlimited number of workshops within the contract year.  The series will be updated each summer so the presentations will include the latest information available.
  • Newer practices will find College Unraveled workshops to be a great practice-building resource and the source of many new clients. (In our inaugural year of using these workshops, my practice has added seventeen new clients directly from the 62 families who participated in the pilot programs.)   College Unraveled also offers well-established practices a way of serving families who might not otherwise seek help.
  • Be among the first to offer College Unraveled in your area.  You’ll enjoy both the satisfaction of helping numerous families make better educational decisions by providing them with the necessary understanding of the college process, while significantly increasing your bottom line.  For more information or to license College Unraveled, contact Gail Grand at or call 818.263.7536.