A very useful course. It’s a MUST for any parent whose child will continue to college or higher education.                          parent of a 10th grade student

College Unraveled focuses on the ways parents of ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade students can best assist their children in making future educational plans.

Presented as a series of four parent workshops, each 1 ½ hour-long session concentrates on a vital part of the process. Group size is limited to provide lots of opportunities for questions.

The program sessions include:

  1. Options in Post-Secondary Education – College options, the realities of admissions today, selectivity, ways to help your child
  2. The College Search – Finding schools that fit, campus visits, crafting a college list
  3. The Application Process – How and when to apply, the parts of the application, how admissions decisions are made
  4. Paying for College – Scholarships and Financial Aid

Benefits to families:

  •   learn to separate fact from myth
  •   get the knowledge to guide your child throughout high school
  •   help your child to build a resume that showcases her experiences and helps her stand out
  •   discover the myriad of options and opportunities for higher education
  •   help your child find the colleges that fit him academically, emotionally, and socially
  •   understand what matters in the college admissions decision and how to showcase all your child can bring to the college community
  •   take a look at the application process and the role of essays, recommendations, and interviews
  •   gain an understanding of the financial aid process and how to make college affordable for your family

“I had no idea how much I wasn’t prepared to help my child in college selection. I feel that I NOW have so much more information/tools to lead my child in college choice….I loved this class!”                                                                                         10th grade parent participant