Parent comments after attending College Unraveled:

 “The information was presented in a very professional, organized manner.  Thank you for putting a vast amount of resources, helpful hints, and wisdom together for such a special and important time in our children’s lives.”    T.S.

“I am so glad I attended the workshops.  They were very informative and provided the necessary tools to navigate the whole college application process.”     Diana Koe

 “I was overwhelmed before I participated in this workshop.  I didn’t go to school here and had no idea about the application process.  After the workshop, I feel more knowledgeable.  I’m glad I participated.  My time was well spent.”     Marie Kreisman

“Very useful and in a great order to understand.  I feel less stressed and more comfortable about the decisions we are about to make.”     S.M.

 “I loved that you covered each section in detail.  I learned MORE than expected!”    Leanne Hamidzadeh

“Great course!  Very helpful!  Definitely useful information! Thank you!”  Sally Becerra

 “Time was well spent and the material and information is invaluable.”     W.M.

“This is one of the most informative sessions I have ever attended.”  Shano Cristilli

 “With a 10th and 11th grade student, I found the information presented very helpful.  The presenter’s expertise was evident from the material presented to her ability to answer parent questions.”            K.P.

“I wish this was available when our son was a freshman.  Answered so many questions!  I now know what I need to know.”            J.S.

 “This series cleared up a lot of questions I had about getting my children and our family ready for college.  I am more comfortable and knowledgeable about guiding my children through this process.”        C.K.

“I went to college so long ago that my experience in the application process is not relevant today.  This was a clear, concise picture of exactly what to expect and how to maneuver through the process.  I feel like I’m now capable to take this on and succeed!”    A. DuVal

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